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The Cure & J.S.Bach: Masters of Counterpoint    




Monteverdi's Got the Blues: The Dominant            




Star Wars vs Star Trek: Battle of the Theme Tunes








Live show 1 min promo





'Laberinto' live








Philharmonia Orchestra: The Vocabulary Lesson:              

Symphonies, Concertos and Beyond




Philharmonia Orchestra: Creative Orchestra  







Snapshot 4 (23-10-2014 11-10) Snapshot 2 (28-11-2014 23-51) Snapshot 1 guitar (23-01-2015 17-29) Surf Snapshot 1 (25-06-2015 11-59) shinkansen Snapshot 1 (25-06-2015 12-14) Snapshot 2 (12-07-2015 21-39) Vocabulary lesson PO strings project Re-Rite Headcam Kirpal Panesar AV Creative Orchestra

how music works



Peer Gynt & Urashima Taro: Bittersweet Symphonies




Tumultuous Aesthetics: Berlioz and Beethoven












'Urashima Taro' for violin & piano/narrator, live in Japan

Great Earthquake Memorial Concert on 'Tsunami Violin'



Philharmonia Orchestra: live headcam shot from award-

winning digital installation 'Re-Rite' (Stravinsky, 'Rite of Spring')







Philharmonia Orchestra: Adrian Varela in conversation

with Kirpal Panesar




Philharmonia Orchestra: Strings Project      





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