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a garden with the same violinist 4 times in the same frame: standing, sitting at a picnic table, sitting on the picnic table, sitting in a lounge chair with feet up. All are playing the violin, suggesting multi-tracking
Bach multi-tracking project. concentric circles made of smaller images of the same violinist. project

Projects cover a range of creative concepts and environments including:

* full music film concept & realization

* creative conceptual development & re-contextualizations for layered      meanings for film & live work

* innovative use of existing technologies for film & live work

* multicam performance videos

* multitracked single & multicam videos

* crossover & fusion videos & live work

* live immersive multimedia shows

* integrated graphic artwork for live & video projects

* plural-genre pedagogical video work for on-demand streaming

* plural-genre pedagogical free access video work 

* international remote collaborations

* video series

* 'behind the scenes' & 'under the surface' insight videos

* tutorials

*bilingual access to resources

8 musicians in a rehearsal room sitting in normal chamber music formation
a singer looking joyous, singing in lockdown
a singer singing in the shower, using the showerhead as a microphone
a full orchestra performing, with the conductor giving his back to the audience as normal. Above the orchestra, a giant screen projects the front view of the conductor.
a family cuddling on a sofa. A couple, with their two children, a boy and a girl
A model of a cozy room. There is an unmade bed, decorative lights, a picture of a cat hangs on the wall. On the floor is a mug, notebook and pencil. The whole model is surrounded by total darkness. It is not clear what this model is, or how it got there
A music stand, and a violin and bow shot from the perspective of the player, looking from within the orchestra
one guitartist and one violinist, but they are the same person, sitting on a sofa at home, playing music together
a rock concert with a violinist fronting the band. Behind and above the players a giant screen projects a film of a shark swimming
4 separate rectangles. In each, one musician plays from a different part of the world. They play together. The violinists play in Tokyo, London and Montevideo. The cellist plays from Iceland
A violinist with a bull's mask stands in front of a dynamic labyrinth
A man with rock style look looks into the camera. The word Thunderstruck is emblazoned across in dynamic lettering
a man performs violin with great effort under a blaze of spotlights
a man at home on a sofa holding a violin is explaining a point about performance
a close up shot detailing the edge of a violin
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