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'This experience has changed me as a person.' student, 2021

'I holistically equip young musicians with fundamental technical and life skills through symphonic orchestral work, setting them up strongly for present and future challenges in the next stages of their lives and careers.'

A row of young cellists and double bass players look up intently in total concentration at conductor Adrian Varela mid-performance, completely connected as a symphonic-scale chamber ensemble

'I holistically equip young musicians with core technical and life skills, enabling the students’ positive decision-making and the taking of responsibility via the teaching of self-developmental techniques that set them up strongly for future challenges in the next stages of their lives and careers, both as self-aware, valued individuals, and as fully integrated mature, self-sufficient members of society.


The large-scale symphony orchestra is developed as a safe space of subtle, refined creativity, where students learn to engage as chamber musicians on a symphonic scale. Students learn to celebrate the achievements of others as much as their own and to treat mistakes as positive indicators of their courage and willingness to push themselves beyond their present capabilities. The working environment is one of love, support, seriousness, humor, discipline, respect, commitment, and constant pursuit of development.'

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