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'Thank you for the values and the passion, which have made me a better human being and musician. There are no words to describe how grateful I am.' student, 2019

Orchestral players smiling, celebrating the success of the first horn player at the end of a concert. Conductor Adrian Varela stands in the middle of the smiling players, clapping and smiling. All celebrate the achievement of their peer.

'To effect a cultural change in the orchestral music profession by developing appropriate agency for every orchestral player, remolding the orchestra into a holistic model for a healthy society.'

'My work actively aims to make a change in the culture of the orchestral music profession by developing appropriate, controlled, continued artistic input from every orchestral player. The work develops techniques for introducing chamber music-style principles for all players within the large-scale symphony orchestra context.


This approach has led to direct, overwhelmingly positive impact in artistic quality of engaged orchestras, as well as great improvements in both the technical capabilities of players, and their well-being.

Through specifically developed techniques, players develop a sense of the possibility of individual artistic action within the large orchestral setting. Such an orchestra, where individuals learn to recognise, value, and express themselves within, and interact with, a large-scale peer group, provides an effective holistic model for a healthy society. These players emerge as musician-citizens, equipped with tools for life-long self-development and fulfilment.'

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